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Having a commercial solar power system has never been a smarter choice for a business owner. The new Federal renewable energy tax credit (30%), and most states' new tax incentives and tax rebates as well as favorable net metering and feed-in tariffs provide an unprecedented opportunities for business owners to go solar. When you generate power with solar electrical systems. Commercial buildings, home builders, community developers, shopping centers, business corporate buildings , etc.,can all enjoy clean energy at affordable costs.

Benefits of a commercial solar power system include:
  • 30% Investment Tax Credit
  • 5-year MACRS Depreciation  
  • Favorable Rate of Return on Investment
  • PPA financial model
Electric rates are rising from 20% to 30% per year, with no end in sight. A commercial solar power system for your business gives you the ability to offset electric rate increases and even eliminate your electric bill. And because solar is a proven technology backed by a 10-year labor and a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll be enjoying fixed electric rates for the next quarter century or more!

Being a new clean energy solution provider company, Austin Tx Solar LLC has a complete array of solar products from wafers, PV cells, solar panels, modules to stand alone solar electricity systems for power generation, indoors and outdoors LED lighting applications. We also have hybrid solar/wind electricity systems.

Austin Tx Solar LLC can also provide complete solar system designs and services with interested partners. We are interested in collaborating with installers on commercial solar projects.

In addition to commercial solar solutions, we also offer a wide range of residential solar power systems. Contact us today for further information.


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